A game of billiards can be really exciting or really boring depending on how big of a fan you are of the indoor sport and how the players play their game. If you are think a game of pool played by amateurs is quite boring, you might as well check out the professionals duke it out or watch some trick shot tournaments or videos online because you can see some interesting tricks that are legal in some games of billiards. The jump shot is one of the tricks that skilled players do to gain an advantage in games like 9-ball. Once you see the trick in action, you may want to try it as well. However, getting a clean jump shot isn't just about the method. When choosing the right pool cue is also important and getting a jump break pool cue should be considered if you want to start practicing.A jump pool cue is basically a shorter cue stick that pretty much has the same elements of standard cue stick so you should be able to use a jump break cue for regular play. While you may not gain the same performance as your standard cue, you should have an easier time with a jump break pool cue because you can easily angle the cue stick to 45 degrees. This angle is necessary if you want to achieve those spectacular jump shots that you see professionals perform.Understand that there are other short cues that may not be made for jump shots like the carom cue, which is made for carom billiards. When purchasing a short cue stick, make sure that you are really getting a jump pool cue. A jump break cue is significantly lighter then the regular pool cue and has much harder tip.The most unique feature of a jump break pool cue is the fact that you can attach a heavier butt so you end up with a standard pool stick. This means that you do not have to purchase a separate cue and jump cue.Before you go on and buy a jump break pool stick, understand that some games may restrict the use of jump shots because missed shots may potentially damage the table while improper shots can cause the ball to fly off the table putting the players at risk. Therefore, think about your main uses of the jump break cue before purchasing one. For more details please click Pool cues.

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